Nov 18, 2011

Get Your Home Ready to Sell! Home Inspection

I am a big fan of having my sellers get a pre-sale home inspection before we place their home on the market.  Our history of homes we’ve sold that were pre-inspected shows us that it is clearly an advantage for sellers because their homes sell faster and for more money than those that chose not to do this.  However, often times when I bring up this topic at my listing appointments I get the same questions from each seller.  Below you will find common questions as well as my advice to my sellers.

-"Doesn't the buyer usually pay for it?  I'd rather not pay for it I don't have to."
The buyer does usually pay for the home inspection but in my opinion, having your home pre-inspected and repairs complete will yield you a higher sales price and a smoother, quicker closing.  Even if a great offer comes in, you could lose that buyer or the sales price could be lowered if the buyer’s home inspection reveals unexpected repairs.  I believe it’s best to have all the information up front.  It also shows a buyer you are a serious seller and that you are selling them a solid home.
-"Isn't it better to wait so that a buyer doesn't know everything that's wrong with the house and they decide not to make an offer?"

Jul 18, 2011

City and Mountain Views, Immaculate Condition! 11140 Kasilof Boulevard, Anchorage, AK

I have a great home listed off of Upper O'malley near the Prospects trail head that is move in ready!  I've toured many homes on the hillside and it can be difficult to find a home on hillside that truly has city views, is easily accessible, and in great condition.  This home has underwent a major remodel in the past few years when the current owners remodeled a garage/workshop into a family room perfect for anyone wanting a great place for the family to watch movies, for homework to get finished at the custom built desk, or to invite friends and family over on the back deck to take in the views of the Anchorage cityscape. 

Jul 14, 2011

Buying a Forelcosure: What to do when the REO company refuses to pay a closing cost

In the past year, I've closed on three foreclosures and all sellers were willing to contribute some or all closing costs.  I've learned over the years to be very particular in how you word that additional term in your purchase and sales agreement.

Jul 13, 2011

Thinking of Cancelling Your Listing with Your Realtor? Consider this....

Cancellations are rampant in our Anchorage and Eagle River market.  Since January 1st, we've had 574 cancellations (and 236 listings that expired) compared to 1544 closings.  Sellers cancel or let their listings expire for all sorts of reasons but a lot of time it's because they've decided to hire a different Realtor.  Many seller expect that the Realtor they hired has a pool of their own buyers just waiting to buy their listings and this is very uncommon that the listing Realtor also finds the buyer.  So before you become a disgruntled seller thinking of cancelling your listing, see if there is a possible reason your home has not sold.