If you are like the other 90% of my past clients, I probably already know you or we have a mutual friend!  But for those of you've I've never met, let me introduce myself!  My maiden name is Brandi Jo Klann and I was born in Bend, OR.  My family spent the next 5 years in Central Oregon in various cities before they decided to head north to Alaska in 1987.  I started Kindergarten at Oceanview Elementary, attended one year at Springhill Elementary before moving on to Hanshew Junior High and then on to Service High School where I graduated in 2000 (go Cougars!).

I had a dream of becoming an Architect so I enrolled at the University of Idaho, but by the time freshmen year was ending, I knew it wasn't a great fit for me.  I headed back to Alaska to attend the University of Alaska Anchorage where I studied finance.  I was always great in math and I loved marketing, economics, and computer classes. 

I met my husband Chad in 2003 while he was stationed at Elmendorf Air Force Base, now JBER, and in July of 2005 we were married!  It was that summer I decided to study for my real estate license and leave my job as a supervisor at Denali Alaskan Credit Union.  I gave it 6 months, either I'd make money at it or I'd go back to banking.  My first year started off with a bang and my first week in real estate I got my first listing and a couple weeks later I had my first buyer in contract!  I ended my first year in the business being awarded the Rising Star Award and from their I continued to be a top producer.   I love my career!  I'm incredibly thankful for all the support from my friends and family that have helped me grow my relationship based business.  I absolutely love being a full time working mom!

In 2009 we became foster parents to a 5 month old little boy and 6 months later we welcomed our first biological son Dylan!  Fast forward 2 years and we finalized our adoption with our son Austin who goes by AJ!  My boys are 11 months apart and the first 18 months was chaos, now I wouldn't change it for anything.

As a family we love to hike, go to the movies, vacation, and hang out with my parents.  I love to cook sweets and thankfully I have plenty of friends that help me eat them!