Apr 24, 2013

Is the Anchorage Real Estate Market Really Busy?!

Rewind the past 7 years I've been selling real estate and the most common question asked is,  "How is the real estate market right now?"  And since that question gets asked so often to all Realtors, we are even trained on how to properly answer the question beyond an answer of "Slow. Busy. Good."  But I noticed a shift in how that question is being asked to me over the past few months.  It's now asked as, "Is the market really busy now?  I've been driving around neighborhoods and I see all these sale pending signs!"  Or, "My sister's house just sold in 2 days!  Why do you think it's so much better this year?"  See that shift in the question?  People KNOW it's busy without even asking but they are reaffirming what they already know and see!

We are in definite need of clean, well maintained homes priced right.  But hasn't there always been that need?  Yes, even when the market slowed down a bit the last 6 years, we still need those kinds of homes but the difference is it's likely those homes are getting multiple offers the first week if not the first day on the market!  Well what about the homes in less desirable condition?  Priced right, they will sell too!  My favorite time to list a home is between January and April if I'm being honest here.  The inventory is usually super low and if a buyer is going to brave our zero degree weather and icy roads to go look at a house, I'll assume in most cases they are a serious buyer. 
Pended in 11 Days!
What about waiting until the summer to list a house so the grass is green and buyers can see the outdoor space better?  That's great too....especially if you have a really great outdoor space!  Spend a couple weekends really cleaning it up and boosting your curb appeal and backyard space and you'll drive in buyers that have been waiting all winter to buy so they could find the right outdoor space or maybe they needed to wait until their kids were out of school but before the new school year started.  Now if you live in an area or have a yard that doesn't show well in the summer, then maybe winter is a better time for you so there is a white blanket over those less desirable areas (as long as you disclose if there is any issues with your outdoor space that a buyer would discover once the snow melts!!).
With less than a 2 month supply of houses in almost every price range of homes, now really is a good time to list your home to get top dollar.  I am busier this first and second quarter of the year than I've ever been.  And that's the truth.

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