Jan 22, 2015

Muni.org Residential Exemption Application Deadline is March 15, 2015!

Every year our team sits down to research our clients and friend's properties located in the Municipality of Anchorage to see if they are receiving their residential exemption of up to $20,000.  It's amazing that about 25% are not and we don't like "free" money to pass by the people we know so each of them receive a phone call from us letting them know we are mailing them an application and copy of their tax record so they can submit their application and save about $300 on their property tax.  Here are the questions we most frequently get and our answers:

Q: Why haven't I heard of this before?
A: Because the Realtor that sold you your home isn't as awesome as we are!  Okay, kidding...kind of.  It's not something that's advertised as far as we know.  Unlike the Alaska PFD that we hear about through all the Pick.Click.Give advertising, this really is just buried in the Muni.org website.

Q:  I rent my home out, can I still apply?
A:  No, it's for your primary residence which does include properties such as a duplex that you live in one of the units.

Q:  I didn't buy my house through a Realtor so I don't qualify right?
A:  You don't have to purchase a home through a Realtor, it's an exemption offered through our Municipality, but as your Realtor or "Realtor friend" I'm going to make sure you know about it and take advantage of it!

Q:  How much will this save me?
A:  That depends.  For most owners in a home that's valued at $200,000 or more, it's about $300 but it depends on the mill rates they decide on for 2015.  They take the mill rate times your assessed property value and that's the amount of property tax you owe each year.  It's 10% of your assessed value up to $20,000 so if you own a condo valued at $150,000, your exemption will be $15,000 times the mill rate.

Q:  Can I go back and get reimbursed for the years I didn't get the exemption since I didn't know about it?
A: No.  You must have your application postmarked by March 15, 2015 for the Muni.org Residential Exemption for 2015. 

Q:  Can I apply online? 
A:  No.  Isn't that crazy that it's 2015 and they still want mailed in or submitted in person applications?  I think so!  I think that's a large reason why so many people that qualify haven't applied. 

So how do you apply?

1) Download the application at muni.org.
2) Print and fill it out using your Parcel ID number that you can find here.
3) Sign and mail it or submit it in person no later than March 15, 2015.
4) If you have a VA disability rating of 50% or more or may qualify for the Senior Exemption, download that form in addition to the other form by going to this page.

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