Feb 13, 2015

Get Your Free Copy of The MREI or HOLD!

I have a special offer for all my amazing clients and friends!  If you are interested in buying an investment property or you just want to learn more about how to get the best deals to lock in future wealth for you and family, follow the email link below and a copy of the book will be mailed directly to your home!  Please include your phone number and your mailing address and whether you'd like MREI or HOLD!!  Quantity is limited to 20 books so don't delay, get your free copy today!

brandi@thecroomteam.com   OR you may text me your information to 907-317-1992! 

First up is Millionaire Real Estate Investor!

Anyone can do it...not everyone will...will you?

Based on extensive research and interviews with more than 120 millionaire real estate investors, Gary Keller's "how-to" guide reveals the models, strategies and fundamental truths millionaires use to become wealthy through real estate. But the New York Times bestseller isn't just about real estate. It also takes a hard look at the money myths that hold some people back from financial freedom, and the money truths that let others soar.

MREI explores the "MythUnderstandings" about the way people view investing. For example, despite what most people think, investing by definition and design is not risky. Millionaire Real Estate Investors employ time-tested strategies to avoid risk and, in the end, take luck out of the game.

Next Up is HOLD: How to Find, Buy, and Hold Houses for Wealth

Take HOLD of your financial future!

Learn how to obtain financial freedom through real estate. The final book in Gary Keller’s national best-selling Millionaire Real Estate Investor trilogy teaches the proven, reliable real estate investing process to achieve financial wealth:

1. Find – the right property for the right terms and at the right price.
2. Analyze – an offer to make sure the numbers and terms make sense.
3. Buy – an investment property where you make money going in.
4. Manage – a property until it’s paid for or you have a large amount of equity to leverage.
5. Grow – your way to wealth and financial freedom.

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