Feb 6, 2015

The Best Time to Buy a Home in Anchorage!

A friend emailed me this week and asked my opinion on whether it would be better to wait to buy until summer or is now the time to buy!  Let's look at the last three years and see when the average price peak and when it fell:

                          High                Low
2012                  April               February
2013                  July                 February
2014                  May                February

Why is February always the low month?  These prices are recorded as of the month the house closes, so back out of February 45 days for closing and you hit right around Christmas time.  If a seller has a home on the market during Christmas, do you think there is a lot of competition for them to get the few buyers shopping during the holidays?  You bet!  So they are likely more negotiatable but other than that one holiday we don't see a big change.

A buyer has more inventory to choose from in the summer, but my experience hasn't shown that it's "better" inventory or better priced, just that there's more of it.  Any time is a good time to buy if you've found the property that is right for you and we negotiate you the right price and terms!  I never get hung up on seasonality too much for buyers and I'm amazed every winter when it's 10 degrees and I'm touring homes with buyers and they are as happy as can be to find a new home!  I'll freeze my finger tips off to find you the right home!


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